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Discover the great outdoors
in the iconic VW Kombi

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Kombi & campervan hire in
Melbourne and Sydney

We are a couple of mates who literally met bonding over our love for Kombis teaming up to bring Kombi rentals to anyone and everyone seeking a unique vintage campervan adventure.

Jarrod has been restoring Kombis to their former glory for the better part of 10 years and Josh is a Kombi aficionado who lives and loves the nomadic lifestyle. Realising that not everyone has time for the general upkeep of owning a vintage vehicle we soon felt obliged to offer rentals to those that wanted to experience the magic of the Kombi but don’t want to handle the maintenance side of these wondrous machines.

We thrive on adventure and offer you the opportunity to create your very own. What better way to switch off, explore and commune with Mother Nature than by taking on the complete campervan experience.

Saving the planet

It is not enough to be ‘carbon neutral’ we strive to be ‘carbon positive’

That is why we offset 10x your carbon emissions and give back what we have taken from this beautiful place we call home

Travelling with us guarantees a sound nights sleep under the stars knowing that you are contributing to a sustainable future